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Membership and Meeting Information

Luncheon Meetings

Our club meets each week for lunch at the Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club. luncheon2 Our view of the harbor would be enough to attract any group. When this view is combined with the fine dining experience, it is not to be missed.

Each general meeting includes a speaker or presentation of one of the club's numerous community-oriented awards or projects. Potential members are welcome. Please contact the Vice President - Programs for details.

Membership Development


Knowing that the life-blood of any service club is recruiting new members, the club holds an annual new member recruitment drive. Each member is asked to bring friends and business associates to our weekly meetings and let them see what Newport Harbor Exchange is all about.

Current club membership hovers between 70 and 75 members. Our current goal is to grow to over 80 members.

New Club Building

In an effort to keep the service efforts of Exchange alive, our club is joining a National Exchange effort to create new clubs.

Our current efforts include creating new clubs at large corporations and professional firms. Excel clubs in high school will offer opportunities for the service hours often expected of students.

Officer Induction install

Often black tie, always a great evening out, this annual passing of the gavel witnesses the annual renewal of the club's administration. This formal occasion is one of the highlights of the year, held one evening in the last two weeks of June.

Would You Like
To Join?

Membership begins with an invitation to come to a meeting.

Club Officers

Bill Bechtel

President Elect
Jim Fournier

VP - Programs
Gil Lukosky

Bob Wood

Jerry Nininger

Immediate Past
Leo Fracalosy

Board of Directors

One Year Term

Ron Barnett

Wally Ziglar

Rick Anderson

Two Year Term

Roy Shlemon

Bob Kinton

Eli Nikitin