Helping Youth at Risk

In addition to our committment to child abuse prevention, we undertake a number of other programs for at-risk youth:

  • Families Helping Families
  • D.A.R.E. Support
  • Adopt a Social Worker

Helping Youth at Risk - Programs

Families Helping Families

Around Christmas time, our club locates families that are hard-working but have little, and we share meals and presents with them. The costs are paid directly by the individual members volunteering to help with the costs.

Adopt-a-Social Worker

And that's just what the club does. Selecting a social worker from the Center for Child Abuse Prevention, club members have donated everything from food, toys and books to cash so that their "adopted" social worker can then better help a person or family in need.

Every 78 seconds a teen attempts suicide – every 90 seconds they succeed.

National Center for Health Statistics