We work to promote pride in our country and its origins through a number of programs. For example, each Armed Forces Day weekend, we create a "Field of Flags" exhibit at a local park, displaying 1776 U.S. flags and holding a dedication to honor our service men and women. In addition, we strive to  help educate our local communities (and ourselves) by placing "Freedom Shrines" in such places as local schools, city halls and libraries. Freedom Shrines are plaques of America's great "documents of freedom," such as the U.S. Constitution and Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. We offer a flag retirement program and hand out flags to children and youth at various functions, such as July 4th parades.

Annually, we celebrate the men and women who are serving or have served our country, and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Exactly 1776 flags are displayed during Armed Services weekend in May, each one a tribute made by a friend or relative of a service person. Each flag and pole is purchased by the person making the tribute and is theirs when the weekend is over. T he Newport Harbor Exchange Club is a non-profit service club.  Profit from this event is donated to the needy families of servicemen and women who are serving our country, and also to other Americanism projects and youth charities.

We are also involved in helping to get out the vote during local and national elections. In addition, we invite local politicians to speak/debate at our meetings, always an interesting event.